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Topic: "Get" any property you can "set"

We're using SFGUI for our game and are desigining an XML wrapper around it. One thing that would help us manage properties for mod authors is the ability to "get" any property you can "set".

Example: in sfg::Table, it appears you can set a column/row spacing, but not retrieve it: https://github.com/TankOs/SFGUI/blob/ma … /Table.hpp

Retrieving spacing would allow mod authors greater flexibility to change their <Table> widgets at runtime. Another example is sfg::ScrolledWindow. I can "set" a placement, but can't "get" what the placement is currently.

We can trivially add this to our fork of SFGUI but it may be useful across the board.

Re: "Get" any property you can "set"

That's what pull requests are for. wink

If you feel that others can benefit from your changes, and your changes adhere to SFGUI's coding and documentation guidelines, there is no reason why we wouldn't merge it into the main repository.