SFGUI (Simple and Fast Graphical User Interface) is a fast, simple and native C++ GUI library for SFML. It provides a rich set of widgets and is highly customizable in its looks. The library has been designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind and provides a modern and clean C++ API.

Open Source

SFGUI is distributed under the terms and conditions of the zlib license which allows you to use the library both in open and closed source projects, free.

Batteries included

A wide variety of widgets is available: Window, button, label, scrollbar, entry and many more. Also included are layouters which make sure that your UI always looks good, no matter how large the workspace is.


If there's a widget missing, you can plug-in your own very easily. If the theme or rendering of widgets doesn't please you, simply choose between available rendering engines or even write your own.




Rich widget collection
Window, entry, button, scrollbar, checkbox, radio button & more.
Clever layouters for lazy people
Widgets' positions and sizes follow your layout – automagically. No need to arrange everything by hand.
Customizable look
Widgets can be styled using special properties and the rendering can be completely replaced.
CSS-like themes
Load properties from CSS-like themes during runtime.
Modify or create brand-new widgets, rendering engines and themes.
Open Source
The zlib license allows to use SFGUI both in open and closed source projects, for free.
Easy to use
Consistent library design and coding conventions.